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EnerSys PowerSafe OPzV Batteries

The EnerSys range of PowerSafe OPzV batteries is suitable for a broad range of applications including telecommunications, power generating stations and distribution systems, railway, airport and seaport signalling, computing, emergency lighting, automation and measuring systems.


The PowerSafe OPzV range of valve regulated lead-acid batteries uses a proven combination of gel and tubular technologies to offer a very high level of reliability. These single cells benefit from an optimised plate design that gives capacities in excess of the DIN standard values. In addition, the PowerSafe OPzV range of batteries offers both an excellent float life and a high cycle life for a truly flexible solution.


  • Capacity range: 215Ah to 3170Ah
  • C10 capacities exceed the DIN standard values
  • 20 year design life at 20°C
  • Excellent deep discharge recovery and cyclability
  • Superior operational safety with fully insulated connectors, immobilised electrolyte and one way pressure relief valve with an integral flame arrestor
  • Easy installation: vertical or horizontal position
  • Maintenance free (no water addition)
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