Commercial Solar Installations

Commercial Solar Systems

Affordable Solar for your Business.
Solar Energy is a great way to reduce your operating costs – but not every business has the money to pay for a solar system up front.
This is why we now offer Commercial Solar leasing options through ASM Money.
No Financials needed*
Installation on leased properties OK*
Fixed Lease payments that you can claim fully on your tax.
Hugely reduced power bills throughout the leasing period.
When the leasing period ends, you own the solar system.
The full benefit of your solar system during and after the leasing period.
As you have claimed the lease payments through your tax, the system has effectively cost you nothing!
Cash flow positive outcome for your business.
Wouldn’t you rather put the majority of the money you now pay for power, into something that is going to benefit your business now and in the future?
Give us a call for an obligation free quote.
*Up to $50,000 and an ABN with a minimum of two years trading. ($100,000 subject to additional conditions) Installation on leased properties is subject to the owner’s permission.