Solar Maintenance

What is Solar Maintenance?

Many people have invested thousands of dollars in installing their PV Solar systems on their properties. It is money well spent and an investment to look after!

What most people don’t know is that to keep your PV panels maintained at the Australian standards you have to clean them every quarter. Many people also don’t know that by keeping your Solar Panels clean you are also keeping your warranty in place.

That’s right – if your panels are dirty and have not been cleaned every 3 months you could be saying goodbye to your warranty!

Dust and particles build up on your panels, hampering their performance, and can reduce the output of your solar panel system by a minimum of 20%. That is a lot of money just disappearing. BSEWA Solar Clean provides a chemical free cleaning service for your PV Solar panels and solar hot water systems.

We use a pure water clean; this means we filter the water used to removal all the minerals from it, therefore making it pure.

Pure water leaves no streaking or calcium build up and keeps your rainwater clear of chemicals. We don’t use high-pressure cleaners so your roof space is also safe. We also complete a full system check of your panels.

You’ve might have heard or read stories about PV solar panels possibly creating fire hazards due to incorrect installation or faulty parts. As electricians and installers of PV Solar Panels, we know what we are looking at and can tell you if there is something that needs to be addressed.

We include in our service a system check and booklet dating your clean and documenting any problems that may be there. You will also know the output of your panels as we do a before and after reading once cleaned.

We can even help you fix any problem that there may be, should you choose to use us.

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